» » AxBxNx - Disgrace To The Corpse Of Gunpei Yokoi
AxBxNx - Disgrace To The Corpse Of Gunpei Yokoi
AxBxNx - Disgrace To The Corpse Of Gunpei Yokoi
Performer: AxBxNx
Title: Disgrace To The Corpse Of Gunpei Yokoi
Label: Very Nice Noise
Country: US
Released: 2010
Style: Noise
Cat: VNN-024
Rating: 4.7/5
Format: MP3, FLAC, WMA
FLAC size: 1025 mb | MP3 size: 1863 mb | WMA size: 2948 mb

1Welcome, Captain Obvious!
2This Is Not A "Napalm Death" Cover!
3Industrial Sewer
4Gay Test Sounds
5Ronald Is Dead!
6AxBxNx Cover
7That Sux!
8Yoga Of Sodom
9Static Noise Bullcrap
10Oscillator Freaks On Youtube
11Ferdys Shitrock Band
12Brutal Defecation
13Good Tones For K7Ax
14The Galaxy Is A Metroid (Senseless Spell Changing)
155 Shit Missiles Extra!!
16Germanys Next Zauberscheisser
17True MIDI-Punk
18Gefeiert Wird Im Braunen Haselnusshaus
19No Oscillators In This Piece Of Shit And Pizza Of Pit!
20Fecal Fetus
21Wah-Way Noises Without Microsoft Sam (He Didn't Hear That, So Consider Yourself Lucky...Very Lucky!)
22This Song Isn't Kickass Enough For This World, So It Dies After Some Seconds...
24Das Extreme Laute Furzen Übertönt Alles!
25The Song About "I'm Out Of Ideas!"
26Ferdy Kann Das Nicht Spielen (Toilettengitarrensex Ist Wohl Etwas Zuviel!)
27GxSxOxGxPx Cover #1
28Cooooool! Shit!
29Manipulating MIDI Crap Is Funny!
30Anal Mayonnaise Is Bad
31Crust Crust
32Holy Macaroni!
33Back At The Toilet Station Near The Planet Full Of Shit (Earth)
34Dark Noise (Gothic Batshitting A La Cheeseflakes)
35Shit Farting At The "Trommelfeuer" Festival
36Ein Bisschen Dany Brown?
37Disgrace To The Corpse Of GxSxOxGxPx
38Blue Ham And Eggs
39Lord Of Chesse Buried In Anal Mayonnaise
40Commodore 1337!
42Ich Falle In Den Tod! Danke, Kapitän Einleuchtend!
43Cool, A Piercing For My Arse!
44My TV Is Broken...Awesome!
45After The Toilet Massacre...
46The Bullcrap Of The 60's
47Oscillator Shit
48You Say "Linkin Park" - I Say "Shit In The Toilet"
49You've Got A Drum Machine From Agoraphobic Nosebleed!
50Fake Chiptunes Song
51Dan-Dan-Dannnnnnnnmotherfucking Shit!
52My God! You're Listening To This Song!
53No Drum Rolls With Dramatic Silence And A Nintendo 64 Game Called "Superman 64"
54Too Dumb To Shit
55Badass Fuckass
56"A Quarter"-Whopper
57Analy Shit #1
58Anal, Anal And Anal'n'Roll
59Wait, What?!
60My TV Is Even More Broken...Awesome Too!
61Your Voice Shits Wah-Wah Noises That The Microsoft Sam Hates
62Analy Shit #4
63The War Of The Old People
64Micky Mouse And The Castle Of Shitillusion
65Cool Noise Music
67Bass Without "B"
68Ferdy Can't Play The Leadguitar
69Analy Shit #6
70The Sun Is Shitting Fire (So We Didn't Start The Fire!)
71This Song Is Like Political Necroshemalebob
72Retarded Chiptune Solo
73Holy Shittemple!
74Gamebabe Fucks Gameboy
75Chipmunk Diarrea
76Poker Bitching
77The Shitsong That Goes Quickly Like Taking A Fast Shit In Granddaddy's Toilet Full Of Cigarrete Smoke
78It Shits Sounds!
79Music From Your Pants
80Good Grave!
81The Sad Dying Of Your Old Radio
82You Heard Some Tape Noises? That Was My Ass!
83Shitgrind Without Guitar, Bass And Drums
84Ultra Boring Shit
85Chinese Chipmunks
86Item Received! (Toiletpaper)
87Carnal Sperm Sauce
88GxSxOxGxPx Cover #2
89A Drum Machine Sample
90Bim Bam Toiletphone!
92Guitar Tones Under The Toilet
93Industrial Defecation
94Das Scheissdreck Thema
95The Gay Story Of Captain Planet
96Master Plumper Vs. Master Clean
97Das Kann Ja Eiter Werden
98This Song Doesn't Need A Name But It Does Have One
99Gruesome Highwaytoilet
100The Manipulating Of MIDI Shit Is Like Making Youtube Poops
101This Sux!
102Gestörte Schlagzeugnachbarn
103Ich Lege Braune Eier!
1040,4 Seconds Of Nausea
105Boring Song
106Disgrace To The Corpse Of Your Ass
107Dark Noise II (Today With Batman In The Toilet!)
108Der Afterhöhlenforscher
109Electronic Suffering
111I'm Sick Of Drum Machine Fake Songs (Your Thoughts Again)
112Doch Noch Ein Chiptunes-Scheissdreck!
113Techno Is Brought To You By Trendy Toilets
115Das Brot
116Your Penis Is Frozen, So Let's Play Dramatic Music!
1172 GxSxOxGxPx Covers In One
118AM Tunes
119We Need Some Goshit And Grindionoise! By The Way: Pizza Of Shit!
120Metallic Is Now A Loserband! This Song Proves It!
121Massenscheissen In Der Fledermaushöhle
122Der Chiptunessound - Die Rückkehr
123I Hate Drum Machine Songs (You Thoughts Again #2)
124Outro (Microsoft Sam's Words To This Whole Piece Of Shit)
125GxSxOxGxPx Cover #3
126This Song Was Not Created By "Ghastly Pedophiliac"!
127Feedback Of Terror
128Noise Before The Death (Septic Farting)
129Back To The Toilet
130Urinary Organs
131This Is Not A Black Sabbath Song
132African Noisecore
133The Wind Is Farting Storms
134Gestated Shits
135The Toilet Of Shit'n'Roll
136I'm Elton John And I Play On The Piano...Again
137AM - Ape Music
138The Last Noise Song
139I Hope It's The Last Chiptunes Song (Your Thoughts After Listening To This Song)
140The Angels Of Diarrea
141Shitty Speedcore
142Intro (Disgrace To The Corpse Of Gunpai Yokoi)
143This Song Needs No Explantation!
144Handy Bullcrap
145My Radio Sends Noise 24 Hours And Every Day
146Wah-Wah! (Scary Shit)
147Snorting Cocaine Out Of George Michael's Penis
148Fart Noises, Test Sounds And Cheesy Cheese
149Ein Chiptunes-Scheissdreck Nach Dem 106. Song
150Analy Shit #2
151This Song Wasn't Created By The Meat Shits
152Gay Silversurfer
153Dragonforce Didn't Make It!
154I Found My Own Defecation!
156The Ghost Of Diarrea
157Experimental Shitnoise
158Dirty Urophilism
159The Killing Of Human Potatos
160GxSxOxGxPx Cover #4
161Chiptunes To The Rescue!
162You Call This Song A Drummachine Madness?
163Turds From Turdles
164Extremly Short
165Doom Music Goes Apeshit
166Wissenschaftlicher Wissenschaftlersong Für Wissenschaftliche Wissenschaftler
167AxBxNx Noise A La Old
168Mario Shits Coins
169GxSxOxGxPx Cover #5
170The Asshair Police
171Chiptunes Music For Poopings (Sounds Like Mad Recital!)
172Eat Shit And Fly
173If Shit Could Fly On A Trampolin
174Being Mixturizer Is Not Easy!
175Peas Of Shit
176Industrial Fakeshitpunkchiptunes
177The Wacky Bean Machine (Your Organ Of Plumlaying)
178Karius Und Backtus Im Arsch
179Analy Shit #5
180The Outro Of The 69. Song
181The Next Genesis Of The Green Shitsandwich
182 Disgrace To The Corpse Of Gunpei Yokoi 30:44
183Escape The Rock Like Indiana Jones!
184Sample Edition! Who Wants Regurgitate?
185Analy Shit #3
186Peace Of Shit
187Fake Feedback
188Pirate Noisecore
189Der Hilfeschrei (Moses Hockt Im Klo Fest Während Der Sinnflut)
190My TV Is Destroyed...Time To Get Out And Shit Jellybeans!


  • PerformerCorruptionSound


All tracks were made from May '09 to June '09 using Audacity.

Metroid Midis and soundtracks were used.



AxBxNx - Disgrace To The Corpse Of Gunpei Yokoi. Lobster Building - Продолжительность: 2:47 Uncle Monsterface Recommended for you. Язык: Русский. Страна: США. AxBxNx Noise A La Old. Holy Shittemple. This is the genre defining album for digital MIDI-Destructionnoisecore. 189 tracks encompass this barrage of sound of pummeling noise. This album was recorded from May to June 2009 using MIDI's from Metroid from and other crap artist's words. The title of this release is a joke, so get over yourself already. Gunpei Yokoi 横井 軍平, Yokoi Gunpei, September 10, 1941 October 4, 1997, sometimes transliterated Gumpei Yokoi, was a Japanese video game designer. He was a long-time Nintendo employee, best known as creator of the Game & Watch handheld system, inventor of the cross shaped Control Pad, the original designer of the Game Boy, and producer of a few long-running and critically acclaimed video game franchises, such as Metroid and Kid Icarus. Listen to music from AxBxNx like Extreme Anal Belch Terror - 25 Trax, Abwasserleitungsorganismus Im Nierengewebe & more. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from AxBxNx. Disgrace to the Corpse of Gunpei Yokoi. 2 listeners. 2010 123 tracks. AxBxNx: Disgrace to the Corpse of Gunpei Yokoi 2010. continue 156&v DE -Pa1fOys. My Secret Alphabet. 14 February . Olivier brisson: horizon capiton 2018. Fx1NAGIzaRM. To favorites 0 Download album. Listen album. Sore Throat. Songs in album Sore Throat - Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid 1988. Sore Throat - Disgrace to the Corpse of Sid. Sore Throat - Slam of Buttocks. Sore Throat - Brasso Drinkers Hell Raisers. He was the creator of various pieces of Nintendo hardware including the D-Pad, Game & Watch, the Game Boy and the Virtual Boy, as well as a variety of video game series such as Metroid and Kid Icarus. He taught Mario and The Legend of Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto upon his arrival to the company and unfortunately passed away on October 4th of 1997. Album 1988 12 Songs. He began as an assembly line worker and a janitor. Although limited from a technical perspective, the Game & Watch is an apparent precursor to the Game Boy. Gunpei Yokoi headed up an internal development division at Nintendo known as Research & Development 1 where, alongside Shigeru Miyamoto, he helped develop classic Nintendo titles such as Mario Bros. Donkey Kong, and Donkey Kong Jr. Research & Development 1 would go on to develop Metroid, Kid Icarus, Panel de Pon , Fire Emblem, and Battle Clash