» » EQ & Master Safe - Safe Ways
EQ & Master Safe - Safe Ways
EQ & Master Safe - Safe Ways
Performer: EQ & Master Safe
Title: Safe Ways
Label: Ruff Kut! Records
Country: UK
Released: 1994
Style: Hardcore, Jungle
Rating: 4.5/5
Format: MP3, FLAC, WMA
FLAC size: 1086 mb | MP3 size: 1375 mb | WMA size: 1251 mb
Genre: Electronic

3Safe Ways


Track A1 used sample from Vangelis - Spiral.


  • Matrix / Runout (Side A): RUFSAS 1 A¹ DAMONT D
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B): RUFSAS 1 B¹ DAMONT


  • Pressed By – Damont


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Comments (32)
I believe this is a release on Ruff Kut! Records. The "SAS" in the cat number stands for Safe And Sound, which is what Mastersafe called it on Fresh F.M (Leicester) when he played Safe Ways on dubplate in June 1993.I own a 10" dubplate of People 94 that has Gappa-G & Hypa Hyper - Roach Is Burning on the other side.
Its more than likely as EQ engineered some tracks by Gappa G for the Ruffkut label so there was a connection there.
How many copies of this ep pressed ? Would love to see in a one day re-press...
adam mastersafe told me 100 copys
different records from different periods, not really fair to compare a 94 jungle tune with 92 hardcore especially when you've got a bias towards the later.Anyway i'm pretty sure this is an unreleased ep, mastersafe talks about a white he did with EQ, i'm pretty sure master safe probably wrote these tunes with EQ helping with the production side
;-) Yeah .. I have some more stuff I am going to get rid of all in very nice shape. I have a bunch of doubles so will let them go pricing should interest some people it's the same price for shipping 2 as it is one so....... have a look and see..
Not very good tunage anyway just raaareee asId pay (and have done) 200 quid for stub1 or dw1Simply because there effing good tunesThis aint in that league
I have that joker it's getting a repress that one i think
each to their own m8, i got that one in a trade with some kid in usawho wanted a few off me and fook me he sent me loads of stuff but he had some serious tunage he was after.
no dw1 disciples the watch
Hǻrley Quinn
tell me you did not pay top dollar for the milk tray ep? that record is complete arse
Weird thing is my kiddy screamed his head off to ephemerol/456 but this he was bopping, the copy I had could very well produce very very good represses, alas it's gone now my kids new fav is Jessie Deep S.H.U.M gotta love that one for all you haters I have sold but loads on b2vos and the people with the most h8 are the ones who cant afford them as i sell them in lots of 50 or 100, I am about to stick some doubles on in amzing condition I wont put any mega rare stuff on until i get rid of the cheaper stuff, let's say the more batches that come out the more gems there will be and my grading is how it should be. If you have any wants send me a message and I will see what I am prepared to sell I am going to do it buy 2 minimum 3 you get free shipping, it's the same price to send 2 as it is one, I am going to probably sell about 100-120 and my prices will make you piss your pants like trip to trumpton for 800 (kidding) and no milk tray is not for sale it cost me my left nut basically.
HAHA, typical, when it comes to selling where's the love for the scene then?Hypocrite
yeah, I guessed as much - sorry ;) generally I value and enjoy reading your posts and comments on tunes and the jungle scene as a whole
that wasn't actually aimed at you
You talking about me? look at my prices before you judge - I have given away more rare pieces of dance vinyl that I can remember to the kids these past 10/15 years which I could have made a mint from. My angle with that comment is what the f*** concern is it what other people do with their property- we live in a capitalist society which we ALL benefit from - yeah its crap when people inflate through pure greed but I'm pretty sure you've sold something for more than you paid - wonder what you would sell your beloved rare dubs for? or is it that this has been sold and it annoys you.As for love of the scene - that only exists within the hearts of music lovers not capitalistsIf your comment is not related to me, my apologies for having a little rant..;)
Risky Strong Dromedary
Up to him what he lists it at - yes its pure greed but you don't have to buy it
Actually was just to see what kind of interest it generated and it got lots of attention as the rare bits normally do, I have some stuff coming up real soon that will get you warming your decks up for ;-)
That's just wrong 500 pound for this tune. Ok good luck with that.
Its never gonna sell for that. The only people paying over £150 for hardcore records are Spanish and I doubt this would appeal.
Anyone even considering buying any tunes off this bellend (ArdcorE) needs a lobotomy
You may be right, I have seen a lot of wax being sold in unlikely places all of a sudden.
Yellow Judge
YouTube isn't "Killing the wax" it's actually providing a wider net (if you excuse the pun) of tracks being able to be finally ID'd. I've had a great deal of success because people have been good enough to put up x-amount of music and we can put names to sounds after all these years....this release, well the rolldabeats clips don't do it true justice, I remember only DJ Stu Allan playing this in about Spring/early summer 1994 on his Key103 show, I particularly remember the title track and its mesmeric twisting synth. There was a lot of funny attention drawn to this release on a forum where I am a member; I recall a lot of the members didn't think it was all that special so given its massive price tag and elusive, rare nature I can understand people's scepticism.Personally I think its a wicked release, I'd love to own it or have a good MP3 of it; most of this music and its ilk is over 20 years old yet people still balk about "sharing" or get a bit pretentious about having it when only a handful do.....if I had it I would "rip it" & upload it for the common good and that would be done with it. No games about whose got it and teasing about it; happy to share something that's not that easily accessible when it brings people together for a common purpose: enjoyement and nostalgia. great release, still eludes me though......bummer.
I first heard this on Key 103, Manchester myself. All about "Safe Ways" for me! Takes me right back to the Summer of '94 when the intelligent side of jungle/drum 'n' bass was kicking in and was moving away from the usual euphoric rave stabs (which was retained in the 4-beat during 1994 and later happy hardcore)
cant find on roll da beats if you want i can rip the dam thing but i will charge.
great ant
if you search on rolldabeats.com they have samples of all 3 tracks
I'v nevere herd of that sight thanks
Im sure its a cracker but im not gona fork out for a tune with out being aball to have lisen who in ther right mind would xspeshaley when it last sold for £54's like i said it's bound to be fat but still.
Would love to hear these track's ! Can you point me in the right direction ?
Bad Ass all 3 tracks! It is an early 94 release 3 tracks Sinister, Safeways, Safeways Remix no I'm not ripping it yet You Tube is Killing the wax. It is a very loud pressing Nice heavy dark jungle. No idea how many were pressed it is a Killer EP. Being graded low by someone who in the release notes is to be ignored. He obviously never even saw one with his own eyes let alone heard it and definately does not own it. You want it? Hmmmmm (Little finger in mouth) what you offering?
Hmmm. You like the word 'Cock' a lot m8 That's MY opinion... Actually I had lots of people asking about it. I remember a lot of people going mad for Eastern Promise EP or... CAC 999 getting over 400 quid that created a stir as it always does. Or me giving away a copy of Joker - Roots because someone bought stuff off me on a forum. People with small collections get jealous of those with big ones just like "Cock" envy?? It's a blinder it's rare and good luck finding one! You remind me of a kid that did drugs too much and couldn't grow up any, then found out one day the world was different but he wasn't just miserable he was bitter.
What a cock.I love how you say you're not ripping it like there's a big list of people begging.You dismiss litlefelipes ( not trying to defend him, dont know him, apart from on a forum, think he is a cock in fact) review because he does not own it, does that mean he cannot have an opinion? or his opinion is any less valid that yours?Fair enough if he aint ever heard it but you dont know if he has or has not