» » John Martyn - The Island Years
John Martyn - The Island Years
John Martyn - The Island Years
Performer: John Martyn
Title: The Island Years
Label: Universal
Country: UK
Released: 27 Sep 2013
Style: Folk Rock
Cat: 3742288
Rating: 4.1/5
Format: MP3, FLAC, WMA
FLAC size: 1428 mb | MP3 size: 1978 mb | WMA size: 2437 mb

1John MartynGoin’ Down To Memphis3:06
2John MartynHead And Heart3:57
3John MartynYou Know3:14
4 The Apprentice - The Previously Unreleased Island Mix
5John MartynJohn Wayne8:05
6John MartynWho Believes In Angels? (Take 2)4:56
7John MartynAcid Rain4:11
8John MartynLove Of Mine (Take 1)4:27
9 Sunday's Child
10John MartynAnna4:11
11John MartynJohnny Too Bad (Version)3:44
12John MartynRun Honey Run2:37
13John MartynMy Baby Girl3:08
14John & Beverley MartynTraffic-Light Lady3:03
15John MartynSmiling Stranger (Take 3)3:28
16John MartynBaby, Please Come Home3:50
17John MartynFine Lines (Take 2)3:55
18John MartynNo.94:15
19John MartynMake No Mistake5:05
20 Grace And Danger (1st Disc)
21John MartynGlistening Glyndebourne7:46
22John MartynOutside In4:31
23John MartynSave Some (For Me)3:34
24 The Road To Ruin
25John MartynThe River4:17
26John MartynRope-Soul'd4:50
27John MartynHurt In Your Heart6:47
28 The Tumbler
29John MartynGolden Girl 2:30
30John MartynLondon Conversation2:42
31John MartynLook In2:54
32John & Beverley MartynTomorrow Time 3:52
33John MartynSolid Air5:42
34John MartynOutside In10:40
35John MartynOutside In8:21
36John MartynGo Easy (Take 2)4:33
37John MartynMake No Mistake6:45
38John MartynSome People Are Crazy (Take 1)4:12
39John MartynThe Apprentice4:33
40John MartynBallad Of An Elder Woman 2:43
41John MartynThe Gardeners 3:10
42 In Concert
43John MartynBack Down The River2:40
44 Sapphire
45John MartynCertain Surprise3:48
46John MartynJohnny Too Bad6:33
47John MartynTight Connection To My Heart (Has Anybody Seen My Love?)3:46
48John MartynHi-Heel Sneakers3:16
49John MartynLove Of Mine4:07
50John MartynBless The Weather4:51
51John MartynI'd Rather Be The Devil (Devil Got My Woman) (Take 2)6:00
52John MartynSandy Grey2:25
53John MartynSend Me One Line4:49
54John MartynPatterns In The Rain3:27
55John MartynSunday's Child6:31
56John & Beverley MartynSweet Honesty8:05
57John MartynLonely Love (Take 1)3:22
58John MartynSave Some (For Me)3:29
59John MartynSatisfied Mind3:26
60John MartynDon't Want To Know3:01
61John & Beverley MartynWoodstock1:45
62John MartynLookin' On7:30
63John & Beverley MartynGo Out And Get It3:00
64John MartynRope-Soul'd4:46
65John MartynBlack Man At Your Shoulder (Take 2)17:32
66John MartynComing In On Time3:34
67John MartynOver The Rainbow3:25
68John MartynBless The Weather5:10
69John MartynEibhli Ghail Chiuin Ni Chearbhail3:06
70John MartynMake No Mistake3:12
71John MartynThe Glory Of Love1:56
72John MartynAngeline (Take 1)5:03
73John MartynSugar Lump2:13
74John MartynOne Day Without You3:57
75John MartynOutside In9:34
76John MartynOutside In14:29
77John MartynMay You Never3:30
78John MartynOne World (Take 2)4:20
79John & Beverley MartynSay What You Can3:00
80John MartynJohnny Too Bad (Take 3)6:13
81John MartynDon’t Think Twice, It's All Right4:11
82John MartynThe Man In The Station2:54
83John MartynAdvertisement #20:54
84John & Beverley MartynTraffic-Light Lady3:19
85John MartynHold Me3:39
86John MartynGrace And Danger7:37
87John MartynSmiling Stranger3:26
88John & Beverley MartynIt’s One Of Those Days5:41
89John MartynDancing (Take 1)3:51
90 One World (1st Disc)
91John MartynEight More Miles2:44
92John & Beverley MartynGive Us A Ring3:55
93John MartynLookin' On5:00
94John MartynI'd Rather Be The Devil7:45
95John MartynSpencer The Rover3:55
96John MartynUpo3:42
97John MartynBless The Weather4:11
98John MartynSpencer The Rover4:17
99John MartynGrace And Danger (Instrumental)5:13
100John MartynCouldn't Love You More (Take 2)3:00
101John MartynFisherman's Dream5:11
102John MartynBig Muff (Extended Remix)6:11
103John MartynHurt In Your Heart4:59
104John MartynThe Easy Blues / Gentle Blues4:49
105John MartynDealer4:55
106John MartynWho Believes In Angels?4:55
107John MartynJohn Wayne (Take 1)5:51
108John MartynYou Can Discover4:53
109John MartynI'd Rather Be The Devil (Devil Got My Woman) (Take 3)5:43
110John MartynI'd Rather Be The Devil (Devil Got My Woman)6:17
111John MartynBig Muff6:25
112John MartynSmall Hours9:50
113John MartynJohn Wayne6:55
114John MartynDead On Arrival6:00
115John MartynCall Me Crazy7:24
116John MartynPatterns In The Rain3:18
117John MartynMay You Never4:15
118John MartynThis Time3:07
119John MartynWho’s Grown Up Now?4:01
120John MartynMay You Never4:32
121John MartynThe River2:53
122John MartynNightline5:01
123 Live At The Town Hall Sydney, Australia 14th August 1977
124John MartynCouldn't Love You More3:13
125John MartynMy Baby Girl2:27
126John MartynAin't No Saint3:37
127John MartynAcid Rain4:06
128John MartynClimb The Walls4:14
129John MartynBack To Stay 3:28
130John & Beverley Martyn Would You Believe Me?5:15
131 Inside Out
132John MartynLove In Your Life3:27
133John MartynOver The Rainbow5:00
134John & Beverley MartynHere I Am4:28
135John MartynOne World4:03
136John MartynInside Out13:11
137John MartynThe Apprentice4:40
138John MartynDreams By The Sea3:15
139John MartynSweet Little Mystery5:00
140John MartynWalk To The Water2:49
141John & Beverley MartynTraffic-Light Lady3:15
142John MartynDeny This Love4:07
143John MartynDancing3:41
144John MartynJust Now3:37
145John Stevens' Away featuring John MartynAnni (Parts 1 & 2)7:36
146John MartynFine Lines3:47
147John MartynUntitled (Instrumental)6:16
148John & Beverley MartynI Don’t Know3:49
149John MartynSweet Little Mystery6:53
150John MartynOutside In14:30
151John MartynDealer5:05
152John MartynLet The Good Things Come3:05
153John MartynBlack Man At Your Shoulder8:31
154John MartynThe Man In The Station (Take 2)2:58
155John Martyn Fishin’ Blues2:34
156John MartynSing A Song Of Summer 2:17
157John & Beverley MartynPrimrose Hill 2:53
158John MartynSerendipity4:08
159John MartynWinding Boy2:18
160John MartynRoot Love (Instrumental)5:17
161John MartynMay You Never3:43
162John MartynThe Apprentice4:17
163John MartynOver The Hill2:52
164John MartynSapphire5:15
165John MartynHello Train2:32
166John MartynJohnny Too Bad3:56
167John MartynSome People Are Crazy4:17
168John & Beverley MartynParcels3:23
169John & Beverley MartynStormbringer!4:19
170John & Beverley MartynNew Day3:59
171John & Beverley MartynJohn The Baptist3:00
172John MartynGo Down Easy (Take 3)5:11
173John MartynSolid Air5:45
174John MartynDancing (Take 2)3:54
175John MartynSolid Air6:12
176John MartynOutside In18:57
177John MartynOutside In7:13
178 Live At The Hanging Lamp . 1972
179John MartynThe Moment4:55
180John MartynSunday's Child3:14
181John MartynGrace And Danger4:03
182John MartynSmall Hours8:40
183John MartynThe Moment4:28
184John MartynLifeline3:52
185John MartynSo Much In Love With You2:49
186John MartynBless The Weather5:24
187John & Beverley MartynTree Green3:12
188John MartynSmiling Stranger (Take 2)3:35
189John MartynBig Muff (Take 1)7:10
190John MartynDealer5:15
191John MartynSingin' In The Rain3:39
192John MartynLove Of Mine4:47
193 Piece By Piece
194John MartynJohnny Too Bad (Take 2)7:18
195John & Beverley MartynThe Ocean 3:43
196 Bless The Weather
197John MartynGo Down Easy (Take 4)3:42
198John MartynThe Man In The Station2:40
199John MartynSeven Black Roses4:02
200John MartynFairy Tale Lullaby2:50
201John MartynMad Dog Days5:26
202John & Beverley MartynSay What You Can3:05
203John MartynSapphire4:48
204John MartynKnuckledy Crunch And Slippledee-Slee Song2:51
205John MartynI'd Rather Be The Devil8:47
206John MartynSingin' In The Rain2:38
207John & Beverley MartynAuntie Aviator6:04
208John MartynGo Easy4:15
209John MartynBless The Weather4:29
210John MartynMay You Never (Take 2)3:46
211John MartynSweet Little Mystery5:20
212John MartynGrace And Danger4:24
213John MartynWays To Cry3:01
214John MartynGo Down Easy3:34
215John MartynSmall Hat7:15
216John MartynSome People Are Crazy4:19
217John MartynWatching Her Eyes3:53
218John MartynRoot Love4:32
219John MartynOne World3:53
220John & Beverley MartynJohn The Baptist 3:14
221John MartynPiece By Piece (Take 1)3:58
222John MartynHurt In Your Heart6:48
223John MartynThe Glory Of Love (Take 1)2:39
224John MartynDeny This Love4:30
225John MartynSweet Little Mystery6:20
226John MartynRunning Up The Harbour4:38
227John MartynMake No Mistake3:07
228John MartynLookin' On5:12
229John MartynOne World (Take 3)4:27
230John MartynPiece By Piece3:56
231John & Beverley MartynRoad To Ruin6:21
232 Stormbringer!
233John MartynHead And Heart4:59
234John MartynSpencer The Rover4:05
235John MartynJust Now3:39
236John MartynCocain2:59
237John MartynYou Can Discover3:40
238John MartynBless The Weather4:45
239John MartynSugar Lump (Take 1)6:01
240John MartynIncome Town4:38
241 London Conversation
242John MartynFisherman's Dream4:16
243 Solid Air
244John MartynJohnny Too Bad7:10
245John MartynSugar Lump3:43
246John MartynGo Easy (Take 3)4:14
247John MartynAngeline4:45
248John MartynCouldn't Love You More3:01
249John MartynSend Me One Line5:13
250John & Beverley Martyn John The Baptist2:51
251John & Beverley MartynSorry To Be So Long4:35
252John MartynSmall Hours (Take 2)8:45
253John MartynFisherman's Dream4:34
254John MartynMake No Mistake5:57
255John MartynLay It All Down1:47
256John MartynSend Me One Line4:56
257John MartynBeverley3:53
258John MartynClutches1:51
259John MartynRolling Home 5:43
260John MartynAfter Tomorrow Night (Take 1)4:36
261John MartynLonely Love3:22
262John MartynSolid Air (Take 2)4:31
263John & Beverley MartynRoad To Ruin6:20
264John MartynThe Easy Blues3:14
265 One Works (2nd Disc)
266John MartynThe Glory Of Love2:35
267John & Beverley MartynGo Out And Get It3:09
268John MartynThe Moment4:29
269John MartynDealer4:24
270John MartynSpencer The Rover4:03
271John MartynSingin' In The Rain1:28
272John MartynSpencer The Rover3:53
273John MartynOver The Hill3:57
274 Grace And Danger (2nd Disc)
275John MartynCertain Surprise (Take 2)4:00
276John MartynThe Message2:31
277John MartynMad Dog Days4:58
278John MartynEllie Rhee3:54
279John MartynAdvertisement #11:02
280John MartynMad Dog Days5:21
281John MartynSolid Air7:13
282John MartynFly On Home2:28
283John MartynMay You Never4:12
284John MartynOur Love3:57
285John MartynGlistening Glyndebourne6:30
286John MartynBack To Stay3:13
287John MartynBeverley2:13
288John MartynOur Love5:53
289John MartynOne Day Without You2:54
290John MartynI'd Rather Be The Devil (Devil Got My Woman)9:47
291John MartynDon't Think Twice, It's All Right1:05
292John & Beverley MartynCan’t Get The One I Want 2:56
293John MartynJohn Wayne7:42
294John MartynOver The Rainbow3:47
295John MartynA Day At The Sea2:29
296John MartynFisherman's Dream4:52
297 DVD At The BBC And Live 1986
298John MartynBless The Weather4:34
299John MartynOne Step Too Far3:18
300John MartynJohnny Too Bad3:52
301John MartynHead And Heart4:54
302John MartynDreams By The Sea (Take 2)3:22
303John MartynOne World8:52
304John MartynThe Easy Blues4:04
305John MartynDusty3:01
306John MartynAngeline4:30
307John MartynLive On Love4:32
308John MartynMake No Mistake4:25
309John MartynOutside In11:19


  • Artwork By – Phil Smee
  • CoordinatorJoe Black
  • Mastered ByBen Wiseman, Jared Hawkes, Paschal Byrne
  • Producer, Compiled By, Research, Liner NotesJohn Hillarby
  • Remastered ByDave Meehan


Definitive 18 disc limited edition (of 3,500) box of 17 CDs and 1 DVD.
Includes a 120 page hard back book, press kit, flyers, 1978 Australian tour programme and poster.

CD4-4 incorrectly titled Walk On The Water


  • Barcode: 602537422881


The Island Years 2013 - скачать в Mp3 или слушать онлайн. Список песен. Скачать каждую отдельно, рейтинг. John Martyn - Running Up The Harbour Alternate Take 04:40, Kbs. John Martyn - Hi-Heel Sneakers 03:19, Kbs. John Martyn - Baby, Please Come Home 03:50, Kbs. There are few comprehensive, elaborately packaged box sets that actually warrant the price they command, but this 18-disc set by the late songwriter and guitarist John Martyn is one of them. The 17 audio discs contain every album he cut for the label, from his first solo recordings to his duet albums with first wife, Beverly, and all the steps in between until 1987's original version of The Apprentice, which sees first light here. Ищете треки из альбома The Island Years исполнителя Beverley Martyn Тогда заходите на наш сайт - слушайте музыку онлайн и скачивайте бесплатно. Скачать альбом в mp3 или слушать онлайн полный сборник исполнителяThe Island Yearsбесплатно с сайта Martyn, Beverley Martyn, John Stevens' Away. Иностранная авторская песня. John Martyn - Bless The Weather. John Martyn - I'd Rather Be The Devil Devil Got My Woman. The Island Years - John Martyn. Лента с персональными рекомендациями и музыкальными новинками, радио, подборки на любой вкус, удобное управление своей коллекцией. The Best Of The Island Years - John Martyn. Лента с персональными рекомендациями и музыкальными новинками, радио, подборки на любой вкус, удобное управление своей. Альбом 2013 Песен: 259. The Island Years. John Martyn-Lonely Love Alternate Take 1. John Martyn-Watching Her Eyes. John Martyn-Save Some For Me. John Martyn-Parcels. John Martyn-Dealer. John Martyn-Lay It All Down. John Martyn-My Baby Girl Live At The State Theatre, Sydney, Australia 1481977. John Martyn-The Man In The Station Alternate Take 2. John Martyn-Root Love